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    Guest 4 years ago

    I download the program , I tape the videos, but when I am going to play what I have downloaded, a message shows-up saying"realplayer stop functioning".What coul it be?

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    Andrew Bettcher 4 years ago
    — Not sure about this
    Pros: None obvious
    Cons: Various - see review

    I was unable to successfully use this software. The registration button did nothing and gave no error message. The button to add folders to the "watch" list did nothing and also gave no error message. I was able to add files by dragging and dropping but obviously this would be quite laborious if I wanted to add my music collection artist by artist, album by album.
    Even if I had been able to register, it would have been only for a 30 day free trial after which I would charged for the use of the software. I'm not sure why the developers think that people would pay for functionality that is available (and easier to use AND actually works) from tried and tested applications like Orb or TVersity (OK, so Orb has an iOS client that is chargeable but it's worth it because it just works!! Also, the TVersity web interface can be a bit clunky but again, it just works!!))
    Lastly, after I'd been around in circles several times trying various options and experiencing several crashes most of which were unexplained (i.e. I just got the standard Windows error message for a software crash), I decided to un-install it. Believe it or not, the un-install crashed too and had to be killed via Task Manager and I had to manually delete some files left behind. I dread to think what it's left in my registry (Glary Tools will sort it!!)
    Good effort by badly executed.